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Guerra Seca

Meet the Maker

Produced with wild sotol plants by third-generation Maestro Sotolero Edmundo Juarez on his apple orchard in the foothills of the 2,000 person town of Bachiniva, Chihuahua. 

Edmundo is a renaissance man. He runs the family farm, distills inventive spirits, and is a professor of food and agricultural science at the Research Center in Food & Development (Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo). He doesn't always drink beer, but when he does, it's with Guerra Seca Sotol.

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Taste Our Featured Sotol: Guerra Seca Ancestral

Aroma: Citrus, floral and mineral,

with notes of almond, black pepper, tobacco and cinnamon


Taste: An initial flavor of lightly smoked meat followed by a cinnamon, woody and tobacco middle, and ending with fresh, floral and mint notes

Guerra Seca

Explore Sotol Ancestral

After the first distillation in a stainless steel alembic pot still, Edmundo lines the same still with clay and rests the distillate in that clay-lined pot for 2 weeks.


Keeping the clay in the still, Edmundo then runs the still a second time, producing a sotol closer in taste to the way sotol was enjoyed for hundreds of years using fragile clay pot stills.

The mineral-rich distillation runoff is filtered and applied to soil near growing sotol plants to increase future yields and reduce waste.

Guerra Seca Sotol Ancestral -transparent background.png
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